Taking Sustainable Cooling to the Next Level

Cooling-infographics_738x415 Danfoss district cooling technology is featured on Asia Pacific Urban Energy Association magazine.

- Friday, 6 April 2018 By Soren Kvorning, Regional President, Danfoss Asia Pacific Region

Cooling has become an essential part of human needs: we need it to cool our buildings, our food, our medicine. At the same time, covering the rising cooling demand while also keeping our planet cool is becoming a challenge. Already today, refrigeration and comfort cooling consume staggering amounts of energy and cause 10% of global CO2 emissions. And the demand for cooling is rising exponentially as the world population grows and more people get access to cooling services. Global energy demand for comfort cooling alone is estimated to grow 33-fold by 2100 to more than 10,000 TWh, which is about half the total electricity generated worldwide in 2010.

How can we meet the rising demand for cooling in a sustainable and affordable way without bringing the energy system down? One of the solutions is district cooling. District cooling is emerging as one of the most resource-efficient and affordable solutions to meet space cooling demand without straining the power system and compromising the environment. It is also a reliable and highly secure source of cooling. 

In the Asia-Pacific region, district cooling can make a real difference. Rising incomes in the region translate into higher
ownership of appliances and an increasing demand for cooling, while warmer temperatures, including more frequent and intense heat waves, will increase cooling demand during the summer months even more. The IEA expects that by 2040, cooling and appliances will account for more than 70% of residential electricity demand in Southeast Asia. 

Find out how Danfoss district cooling technology works on AUPEA magazine:  



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