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  • Research and Development
  • A passion for innovation 

    Passion for innovation is a part of the Danfoss spirit. As a member of our team, you live to set new standards in terms of energy efficiency, quality and performance: making the impossible possible. Constantly striving to make products even better and conducting research to develop new technologies is simply a way of life for you.

    Danfoss has strengthened its innovation capacity and product development programs over the past few years including focusing on best practice tools and processes. Relative to its size, Danfoss allocates more resources to innovation than most other companies in our industry, and this investment trend continues.

    Make an impact

    • Leverage your engineering skills to make a contribution and move our company forward. By embracing diversity and going beyond the ordinary, you have a genuine chance to create the solutions of tomorrow. Your strong technical and analytical and project leadership skills, combined with your experience and focus on high performance show your commitment to achieving your engineering goals. They let you deliver the future – today.
    • You will work in an international team with colleagues from all over the world. Together, you will lead by example and set new standards within energy-efficient solutions. 
    • We offer a fast-moving, global environment where you can face new challenges while working with a wide range of different specialists. At Danfoss, you’ll have the opportunity to make a sustainable difference for people, businesses and communities around the world.



  • Sünje, Mechatronics Engineer

    Having started as a student, Sünje is now a qualified engineer and has been with Danfoss for many years. She works in a global team, making a difference by integrating technology into products and solutions.

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